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September Career Horoscopes

We compiled data to determine the top jobs posted to Monster in the past six months, the top 10 companies hiring, and the 10 cities with the most jobs

  Illegal interview questions that employers shouldn't ask you

Watch out for these red flags and learn how to reply if you're asked an illegal question.

Top 10 hardworking cities in America

In honor of Labor Day, a holiday that celebrates hardworking Americans, we looked at the cities that burn the most midnight oil.

Nursing jobs hiring now

Specialized nurses make up a big part of health care's growth. Here are five specializations hiring now.

How to choose between two jobs

Your career path has reached a fork in the road. Here’s how to decide where you should go.

Weird interview questions that hiring managers ask candidates

From ice cream to spirit animals to garden gnomes, this is how to prepare your answers to offbeat questions.

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