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July Career Horoscopes

We compiled data to determine the top jobs posted to Monster in the past six months, the top 10 companies hiring, and the 10 cities with the most jobs

  Monster Midyear Jobs Report 2019

Here are the top jobs and companies hiring so far this year.

In-demand Information Technology (IT) Jobs

Information technology is a major part of the tech industry and it continues to grow. Here are five in demand IT jobs.

Careers in travel and tourism are taking off

Travel jobs are on the rise, and hiring in the industry is only expected to increase.

How to be a freelancer

What is freelancing, exactly? And why should you consider it? Glad you asked. Monster breaks it down for you.

What to do when you’re told you’re overqualified for a job

You’re the boss of your company, but your company is not the boss of you.

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