August Career Horoscopes

Looking for career advice that's out of this world? Monster's monthly horoscopes can help you plot your next steps by the stars. Whether you're looking to get a job or move up the ladder, the sky's the limit.

  100 companies hiring this week, August 2018

Summer slowdown? Not on the jobs front. Dive in to see the top companies making major hiring waves during the week of July 30.

15 companies where half of the employees make six figures .

According to SEC filings, half of the employees at these companies earn $100K or more a year. Find jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts, Boeing, Verizon, and other high-paying companies now.

10 jobs for people who like to climb stuff

Talk about moving up the ladder! These 10 jobs will keep you moving throughout the day and make for rewarding careers.

How to disagree with your boss without losing your job

Clashing with a higher-up can be career-killing, but a few strategies can make it much more manageable.

How to survive a toxic workplace

Unless it’s your job, you shouldn’t have to wear a Hazmat suit to work. Use these strategies to manage working at a toxic workplace until you move onto something better.

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